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Guido De Muynck




I remember, I had the age of 11, perhaps 12 years old, I spend so many hours with my father in "the dark room". I learned the magic, in total obscurity, to  put the film into a small black cylinder that we filled up with varoius liquids. Suddenly  we'v got a 35mm strip with strange figures on it. Then came part two, where I learned to develop the B&W photos. Again magic for me when I saw images appear on the paper in the baths.

During my whole life, I was taking pictures especially on holidays or for some projects. I had a Canon analog reflexcamera with different lenses.

But times were changing, and the Digital Camera came appeared. 

For the moment I work with  two Nikon professional cameras and different toplenses.

I do have my omn 30 sqm studio.

Working with models and playing with light is my speciality. I work either on TFP base, or on financial compensation.

​Photography is my real passion. Feel free to contact me to coöperate in a great shoot. 

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